U s i n g t h e p o w e r o f l a u g h t e r t o m a k e a d i f f e r e n c e i n C O P D

On World COPD Day, TEVA Respiratory launched the #Laugh4Lungs social media campaign, which aimed to harness the power of laughter to promote global awareness of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) whilst raising money for three leading charities across Europe, including the British Lung Foundation (UK), Longfonds (Netherlands) and Fundación Lovexair (Spain).

so funny?

COPD is a serious condition that can affect a person’s ability to do some of the things we all take for granted. Laughter is good for lung function and well-being, it increases level of endorphins and improves oxygen saturation levels in the blood. 2-4

Additionally, research has shown that there is a strong association between happiness and longevity 5 . However, people with COPD sometimes avoid laughing due to shortness of breath and fear of the effect laughter could have on their breathing.

#Laugh4Lungs aimed to inspire people to use their laughter to make a difference in COPD and to remind people living with the disease that they aren’t alone.

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Campaign Achievements

To take part in the campaign, people shared videos of them or someone else laughing on their social networks, hashtagging their post with #Laugh4Lungs and nominating others to do the same. Over the course of the campaign, #Laugh4Lungs achieved some amazing results.

Thanks to numerous high profile contributors

Best of Laugh4Lungs

Loads of you got involved with #Laugh4Lungs. Our leaderboard showcases the funniest videos.
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What's Next?

Not only has #Laugh4Lungs spread positivity, but it has also sparked a change, successfully raising awareness and charitable donations for a for a lung disease with surprisingly low awareness. However, this is just the start. Through continued education and support, we remain committed to making a difference in COPD.

The typical adult laughs on average 20 times a day 6